TIME-LIMITED OPPORTUNITY: Don’t waste one more minute struggling alone to succeed on the Internet

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 Dear Future Online Entrepreneur,

Right this minute, a panel of successful online entrepreneurs is standing by, waiting to help you overcome EVERY barrier between you and your successful website!

They’re ready to personally answer your every question… double-check your work as you do it… share their secret short-cuts…

… and show you EVERYTHING they’ve EVER learned about earning money online.

Any time of the day or night, you can send this panel of experts questions about starting and growing your website, and you’ll receive professional, personal replies with specific “how-to” advice you can apply to your business right away.

So instead of struggling on your own to build your website — and taking two steps back for every step you take forward — you can create a thriving business in the shortest time imaginable.

But Personal, Expert Help Is Just The Beginning Of

The Support And Training We’d Like To Offer You…

These unlimited consultations with our expert panel are invaluable in helping you achieve success online, but they’re just part of the assistance you’ll receive when you work with our highly experienced entrepreneurs.

In order to MAXIMIZE the value of our experts’ advice, you’ll also receive:

Weekly Telephone Conferences With Our Real-World Experts

If you prefer a more direct approach to getting help, you’ll be pleased to know that you ALSO have the opportunity to get on the phone with our experts, ask your questions, and get an IMMEDIATE response!

Call in, ask your most pressing questions, and get the exact answer you need to move past your challenges and build your business with lightning speed!

A 60-75 Minute Tele-seminar EVERY MONTH

Each month, we interview some of the most brilliant Internet marketers, business leaders, and multi-millionaires we know!

In each interview, we help you cherry-pick their most lucrative business strategies and show you how to easily apply them to your own business… duplicating their successes while skipping the costly mistakes!

In the past few months alone, we’ve spoken with direct marketing legend Dan Kennedy, affiliate marketing guru Rosalind Gardner, #1 best-selling business author Brian Tracy, and John Assaraf, of “The Secret.”

Invaluable Networking Opportunities With Your Peers

You’ll also get access to a private online forum, where you can network with like-minded entrepreneurs, get their candid opinions, and potentially establish valuable business partnerships.

Getting helpful advice from fellow Internet entrepreneurs who have walked in your shoes is a crucial tool for improving your business even FURTHER!

A Private “For Your Eyes Only” File, Filled With Even MORE Strategies, Tips, and Techniques

You’ll also receive a monthly private “Online Profits Dossier,” where you’ll find a summary of all the hottest Internet marketing research, test results, and recommended tools that our team of experts have discovered in the last month.

Plus, you’ll be among the first to hear about even MORE crucial information on upcoming industry changes, trends, and valuable resources that you can use to build, grow, and manage your online business!

Now Meet A Few Of The Real-World Experts

You’ll Be Working With When You Join Our Program

The Internet marketing experts who will be giving you help and support are the SAME group of experienced and successful online entrepreneurs behind our own $100 MILLION success.

And when they’re not busy helping us make our sites even MORE lucrative, they’re off working on their own personal Internet businesses, testing and tracking hundreds of NEW strategies that they’re eager to share with you.

They’ve already coached hundreds of other Club members to six-figure incomes, so you know they don’t just talk the talk… they really walk the walk.

From pay-per-click campaigns to salescopy creation, website design to niche market research, search engine optimization to keyword research, they’re fully qualified to advise you on every last piece of your business.

Our expert panel of entrepreneurs includes:

Geoff Dyck

If you’re struggling to find a viable niche market, or you’re not having any success gathering productive keywords for your website, you’ll want to talk to Geoff.

His areas of specialization include keyword research, niche marketing, and pay-per-click advertising, and he’s a genius when it comes to identifying niche markets FAST.

Charlie Ritchie

Trying to drive more low-cost traffic to your site? Charlie can give you HUNDREDS of tips for optimizing your website for the search engines.

Charlie’s areas of specialization include search engine optimization, web design, and salescopy, so he can also help you create a website that’s designed to sell .

Chuck Anderson

Chuck is the “go to” guy for people who want ideas for making more money from EVERY customer.

Chuck’s areas of specialization include back-end marketing and upselling, testing and tracking, and business development, so he’s also the one to see if you’d like to develop a solid testing plan for improving sales or opt-ins.

Cijaye Depradine

With a solid background in public relations, Cijaye is your resource for finding as many ways as possible to get the word out about your website!

Cijaye’s areas of specialization also include keyword research and product development, so she’s an excellent resource for figuring out what you should sell on your website.

Carson Clarke

Many people don’t know that eBay is an excellent way to add an additional stream of income to your existing business!

Carson is our resident eBay expert and PowerSeller, and he can equip you with all of the necessary tools to MAXIMIZE your income by taking advantage of the world’s largest auction website.

And this is just a small sampling of the real-world experts who are on call, waiting to help you with your critical questions and problems.

We Want To Be 100% Positive That You Get

EVERYTHING You Need To Succeed…

So We’ll ALSO Give You THREE Of Our Top

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